I have admired Karyn’s business photos for a long while now, as I have thought that they have always look magazine quality and far nicer than most businesses. Although I always thought I took good product photos, I was delighted when I found out that she was starting a styling business and I didn’t want to miss out on this fabulous opportunity to have her style some of my products. I too want my photos of my products that looked like they came out of a glossy magazine. We discussed the look I was after, however I trusted her opinion and styling technique every step of the way. I’ve learnt that she has an eye for this styling! I am absolutely delighted with the results!! My new styled photos that I have been sharing on social media have been getting great feedback and reaching more people, which means I am more likely to sell more. So thanks Karyn for all your professionalism and creativity, I highly recommend your work to any small business that needs styled photos of their products.

Kelly Weaver

Bridal Bling

Many thanks. You have done an amazing job with these. I am starting to understand where you are coming from and am looking more critically at every photo I look at. You are a good mentor

Vi Scott

Enviro Crafted

Karyn definitely has attention to detail when it comes to photographing jewellery. To be able to pair a products with a background to show off an item takes great skill. Karyn has an eye for style and I’m impressed with what what she has done with my product.
Thank you Karyn.

Karen McCarthy

Ell & Bront