When starting a business you are given a long checklist on what social media platforms you should be using but how many of them go in to great detail on how to use them? Over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of posts that will go in to detail about ways to get social media to work for you.


How to be found on Instagram

Let’s start with my favourite platform INSTAGRAM.

This is a visual platform that is every expanding with ways to use it and get your products out there. But without scroll stopping images and great hash tags how will people find you? As you know I am a big believer in having great photos and there are many ways you can show off your products online. Styled shots will generally get more attention than a photo of your product by itself. When people are scrolling through their feed it’s normally at a fast pace and you want to have something that will make them stop. Having images that are clear, well exposed and coloured and are eye catching works.

What also works is having a great set of hashtags that will help people to find you when searching on Instagram. There are so many out there it can be hard to know which ones to use and how do you know if they will work? For my business I have 2 types I targeted tags. One lot is to gain new customers and having tags that they would use to search. The other tags are aimed at profiles that would help to promote my brand. I have found these tags through lots of trial and error and once I found ones that worked I added them to my list I have saved on my phone so I can copy and paste them each time I post.


Get in to the mind of your customer


When working out which tags you need you have to get in to the mind of your customer and think about what they would use when looking for new goodies to purchase on Instagram. These are a few that would work for almost any handmade business #psimadethis #handmade #livecreatively #makersgonnamake . These are a goof starting point, you can also narrow it down to your specific products that you make for example when promoting my lamps I use #handmadehomedecor #handmadehomewares #lighting #interiordesign and #decor plus some specific to the actual product like #geometric, #rainbow #woodentablelamp I could go on.

If you are also looking to be found by influential profiles on Instagram you will need to find out the tags that they use in order to find their followers to share. Profiles like Kreo Home #kreoloveslocal promotes Australian made decor. Very Best of Handmade #vboHANDMADE promotes handmade products. Handmade & Small Business AU #handmadeandsmallbusinessau. You can also look at the profiles of the online stores you use Etsy has a few #etsyhandmadewithlove #myetsyspace #etsyseller & #etsyau.  Madeit has #shopmadeit and #madeitseller

Still not sure which tags to use?? Use the search function on Instagram. Type in the tags that you are already using and it will bring up other variations that are being used. It will help you to find the top tags to use and you can also check out your competition.

Instagram search

Hope this helps with your hashtags and it brings you success. I would love if you could share and pin this post for your friends to check out and comments are welcome.

Have a proptastic day