How to brand you Pinterest profile by kbs styling

Do you use Pinterest for your business? Does it look cohesive with the rest of your brand or is it just lots of pictures when people look at you boards? Like everything in business you want to try to keep with your brand as much as possible so that when new people are looking at your different social media profiles they can tell that it is you.

There are a number of steps you can take to make your profile look amazing and branded. You can start with your profile photo, I have used an image of my lamp because it is one of my biggest sellers, you could also use your logo or profile photo. Next fill in the About You section with as much info as possible about what you do and don’t forget to add a link to your website or shop, you want people to check it out. A new feature is your showcase that is a scrolling image of your top favourite boards. You can either let Pinterest pic them for you or you can pick your own. I picked my top 5 boards. Again you want it to fit your brand.

How to brand your pinteest profile by kbs styling

Once you have set up your profile you can then beautify your boards. There are a few things you can do to make your boards work for you. When naming your boards you want them to be something that is searchable for example I have named each of my boards with names to suit my product based business, they have names of rooms in the house that would be of interest to my customers. I have also been building up my styling profile so that when I change it over to more of a styling Pinterest profile I have already built up enough of a following that they will hopeful stay and learn. Keywords in the description are also important when people are searching boards to follow.

Finally to make your boards really cohesive with your brand you will want to have each of the board cover photos based on a theme. All of mine are pastel mint green. To set the profile photo hover your mouse over the board until edit appears, from here you can edit the name and description and the cover photo. If you have already pinned an image that would work as your cover photo you can scroll through until you find it, then save as a board image. You can also create your own board cover by uploading your own image to the specific board and then saving it as shown here

How to brand your pinterest profile by kbsstyling

By having all the board covers the same it can be a really effective tool and looks amazing if done right. Above is my profile and I love it. You can move each of your boards around to make it readable. I have my most commonly viewed boards at the top and work down. I also have a few boards that are specific to my products so that I can share them. When adding images from your website or profile having a great description with lots of keywords will help you be found when people search, also include a link.

Here are a few of my favourite Pinterest profiles who have gotten it right.

how to brand your pinterest profile by kbsstyling

Bridal Bling has created her own cover photos for each of her boards. She has also put all her product based boards at the top of her profile

How to brand your pinterest profile by kbs styling

Tractor Girl keeps the names of each of her board titles consistent

Pinterest image 5

Karen Gunton has created her own board images and kept with her brand colours.


I hope that these tips have helped you to created a awesomely branded Pinterest Profile.

Have a Proptastic Day