Lighting is such an important part of photography and up until now I was using natural lighting. This was great when I was able to take photos at the best time of day, the busier I get the harder it was becoming and I was spending so much time trying to get the light right. I have finally invested in some decent lighting and made a light box and ow I am able to take photos at a time that suits me. In ths post I will take you through the steps on how I made my lightbox and the difference it has made to my photos


To start with you will need the following

3x 900x600 white corflute sheets

either tracing paper or interfacing for the diffuser

xacto knife or sharp blade

2 bright LED work lights

To make the sides of the lightbox I cut down 2 of the sheets of corflute to 600x600. Then you will need you cut out squares for the diffuser. I measured in 20cm on each side then using the xacto cut out the middle.

Measure out the interfacing larger than the hole you cut and stick it down with sticky tape. Pull it down tight, you dont want creases as it may cast a shadow when you shine the light through it.

When I purchased my coreflute at the local hardware I also picked up 2 led work lights. I tried quite a few before I decided on these Arlec 10w lights. You want to make sure that the light is bright white ( cool daylight) not yellow (warm daylight) These lights are great because they fold up flat and you can hang them or stand them up.

Here are some examples of the difference between natural light and using the lightbox.

Without a Light Box

With a Light Box

Hope you have fun making your light box and taking your photos up a level.

Have a Proptastic Day