Top Tips & Tricks forJewellery Photography



One of the most common items I am asked to help with is how to take photos of jewellery when it is shiny and reflective. I have put together some of my favourite tips.

  1. Where you can use the macro camera setting. It will give you a clearer image and you can get closer to your piece. DSC_4269

  2. Use a plain coloured background or a light pattern. Being a small item having a strong pattern can detract from your piece.A nice piece of fabric can really give your photo dimension and texture. If you create pieces that are cold this is also a way to add warmth.

    hessian earings

  3. Pay attention to detail. Make sure your piece is clean, no smudges,  dust, fingerprints. They will show up in your photos and can be distracting.

  4. Diffuse the light, Using indirect light will limit reflection and shadows. If you are using a window and are finding that there is too much reflection try putting up a white sheet or some backing paper. It will reduce the harshness of the light. If you are using artificial light shoot in a light box so that the light will be spread out more evenly. You can use a plastic container as show here if you are using artificial light or working outside.

    plastic container

  5. You want to create an emotion attachment to the piece. Create an irrational and impulsive need to make customers have to buy it then and there. Props can help with this, you want to really show off how beautiful it is. I often add flowers in the background as they can soften a hard object ad can add a pop of colour. By having them in the distance they don’t take away from your piece. You could also use something to add height if you make necklaces.


  6. if you want to show your piece on your hand use a tripod and a remote. Both of these can be picked up easily from your local department store or Officeworks. You will be able to have free hands to be able to get in to the best possible position. The remote will also help so you don’t have to become a contortionist. Trust me it can be hard to make your hand look natural some times.


  7. If you have a necklace and want to make a perfect circle use a little plate as it will help you to create a straight line.

    neckalce 1

  8. Use a reflector. If the shadows are too strong create a board with some foil  to send the light back on the the item.

  9. Use clear sticky dots or blutak to make your ring or pendant stand up. That way you won’t see the glue and you can place it where you want to be. sticky dots

If you have any mores tips I would love to hear them so comment below.

Have a proptastic day