Top Apps for Editing your Photos on Your Phone


Following on from last weeks post I am going to share with you my favourite apps that I like to use when editing my photos on my phone.

With over 4000 photo editing apps available on both Google Play and iTunes is it any wonder why we can get confused to try and pick the right ones to use. I have tried out quite a few and these are the ones that I enjoy using.

photoshop express

Photoshop Express is my go to app when it comes to editing. Not only do you have a variety of filters to work with but the controls for editing are the easiest and probably most accurate.  iPhone Android



Photo is a great app for adding text. It’s all this app does but you have quite a number of fonts to choose from, you can also play with colours and sizes with ease.  iPhone Android



I like to use Snapseed when I need to blur the backgrounds or to add a basic square border. There are a umber of tools on this app for editing your photos or adding filters ad effects. If I need a break from Photoshop, this is the app I use. iPhone Android


picmokeyThe Picmonkey app is similar to the online version. I use this app to add overlay shapes to my images when I want to add text. There is a number of different shapes/ stickers that you can choose from, change colour, size and opacity of.  Once you have your overlay setup there is a decent range of font options that you can use as well.  iPhone Android


Background changer Background Changer app is an easy way to remove backgrounds from your photos and then put them on to a blank one for example black or white. I have found it quite simple to use your finger to remove the background with very little error. This is not something you will find in many other eraser type apps.  Android Only


pixlarPixlr has been around for quite a while and has made many improvements over the years. I like though that its ease of use is still its main aim.  This app has everything you need to make a great image for social media. You can do basic edits, draw on the image, add text with a large number of fonts to choose from that are free to download. There is also a large umber of awesome overlays to choose from and boarders. You will be hard pressed to not be able to design great marketing material. iPhone Android


pic lab

I like Piclab for it’s preset quote stickers, there is a mix of paid and free ones available. Its a great app if you need to put together something quickly and don’t feel like messing around. There is also a number of overlays such as light effects, shapes and textures. You also have a few free filters to use as well. Pretty much I use this app if I am in a hurry but need to put something up on social media. iPhone Android


These apps are ones that I use and I am not being paid to promote them. I hope they help you to increase your editing confidence and create beautiful photos.

Have a proptastic day